Easy clipping path

Easy clipping path is a simple image, which has no holes (Embedded transparency) and has very basic and simple curve.

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1. Basic Clipping Path:

Basic Clipping Path is among  the easiest hand has drawn path where a single closed path is drawn around an image with no holes or transparency. These paths are very basic curves that are either straight or are oval in shape.

Basic Clipping Path Before   Basic Clipping Path After

2. Simple Clipping Path:

Simple Clipping Path is for simple images (straight line or oval shape, the number of closed paths are drawn: from 1 to 5 paths), which has no holes (Embedded transparency) and has very simple writing a good expository essay and curves (straight or oval curves).

Simple Clipping Path Before  Simple Clipping Path After

Simple Clipping Path Before/After

Moderate Clipping Path

Moderat Clipping path for Compound images, Moderat Clipping path involves background removal of the images with a few embedded transparency and several paths (compound paths) and many curves.

1. Compound Clipping Path :

Which path has the compound path or several basic paths, is consider as a compound clipping path. Compound clipping path has few embedded transparency (Holes), 5 to 10 closed paths and many outlining curves.

Compound Clipping Path Before  Compound Clipping Path After

2. Extra Compound Clipping Path :

The extra compound clipping path has more than twenty holes or transparency and it has more curve points as well as outer curves. This type of clipping path has simple and compound shapes.

Extra Compound Clipping Path Before  Extra Compound Clipping Path After

Extreme Clipping Path

Extreme clipping path for complex image, which has more than 10 embedded transparency (Holes), more than 10 closed paths and numerous outlining curves.

1. Complex Clipping Path:

Complex clipping path implies background removal of complex images, which have more than 10 embedded transparency (Holes), more than 10 closed paths and numerous outlining curves.

Complex Clipping Path Before  Complex Clipping Path After

 2. Super Complex clipping path:

Super Complex clipping path has many Complex Shapes or Numerous Simple or Compound Shapes is considered as a super complex clipping path. Super complex clipping path has numerous Embedded transparency (holes), numerous closed paths and numerous outlining paths.


3. Extra Super Complex clipping path:

Extra super complex clipping path is our highest level of clipping path service. This service includes multiple combinations of detailed and intricate closed paths found in foliage and flowers, windblown hair and other complex images for use in your unique advertising, catalog and magazine displays.