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Photo Retouching is the alteration and adjustment of an image to produce a more appealing look. often confused with image manipulation, which photo retouching is a part of, however, photoshop image manipulation works on changing the facts on an image to show the image how you want it to look, this often requires material changes to an image. Photo retouching doesn’t involve that much alteration, it’s usually a series of tedious adjustments and tweak that cause small improvements to the image.



There are many types of photo Retouching. One of which is the glamour retouch, glamour retouch alters an image of a model, so that if she is without makeup, makeup can be digitally added to the image as well as changing her dress, curling her eyelashes, all the touches you would get done from a makeup artist can be done digitally to enhance your image.

Also, images of scenery and a still object can also be retouched in the sense that brightness is adjusted, the contrast is fixed , the color can also be corrected so that you get a more beautiful image at the end of it.



Obtaining the perfect picture depends on good exposure. However, the quality of the image can be enhanced using retouching. Quite often, damaged photos, torn images, faded or under exposed images need restoration or repair service.

Retouching & Restoration  Retouching & Restoration


Under this service category, CGBD technicians make color and exposure correction, photo restoration, color filling, image cleaning and cloning, digital cosmetology and glamour retouching, photo enhancing, remove/repair scratches, mildew, spots, remove dust, rips, red eye and damaged areas of a photograph by cloning process. Closed eyes can be opened, the horizon can be straightened, missing objects can be replaced and the list is endless!





Clipping Design House (CDH) uses creative talents with years of working experience with manual skills using the most advanced digital manipulation software. All works are quality checked for perfection before they are uploaded by the client. CDH provides Object Removing service at low cost, excellent workmanship and quick turnaround time.


object removing  object removing

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